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new livejournal.

i hated the new name, nough said.

this one is FRIENDS ONLY except for occasional public entries when i'm saying something i want everyone to know.

comment to be added.

i'll add you, most likely, but i want you guys to understand a few things:

-comment often. this does not mean on every entry, but often enough. i don't feel appreciated when people don't comment.
-everything stays in the livejournal. if i'm talking about some guy i'm in love with, it doesn't leave here. i expect that that won't happen, but you never know.
-add me back

not unreasonable, but i'm going to be saying things in here that aren't stuff i would put in a regular journal.

yes, i know, it looks the same, it might be changed, i don't know yet.

so, take it or leave it.
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